5 ideas for ‘not-so-boring’ WFH outfits

Not sure what day of the week it is? Worn the same tracky-bums for 5 days in a row? Same. But we’re shakin’ things up around here.

Our Northern Star of outfit inspiration and daily sanity during this topsy-turvy time is simple: get dressed as soon as you get out of bed. Even if it’s into a fresh pair of pyjamas with a blazer on top for a modicum of decorum (and your boss for those Zoom calls).

We all know comfort is the pinnacle of WFH wear, however, you don’t want to be caught unawares on a video call with that old spaghetti-stained varsity jumper. Let’s keep it together, and keep it movin’!

To help you (and ourselves) along, we have put together some WFH styles that you can dip your toes into. If anything, this is the time to experiment with whatever you’ve got in your closet. Dig out pieces you haven’t worn in a while and see if you can inject some new life into them whilst mixing and matching them with your favourite pieces. When the quarantine is over, your closet will feel new and exciting and you will want to keep wearing these styles in- and out of the house.


Monday: The Clasher

We’re sure you haven’t missed the recent colour clashing styles that have popped up everywhere. From mixing pink with red to wearing neon with camel, or orange with purple. The possibilities are endless. Usually, this could be a risky trend to experiment with, but when fashion is the only arena you can afford to take risks in right now, you may as well run with it! There couldn’t be a better time to discover your new favourite colour palette than right now. The number one rule: have fun with it. There is no right or wrong and when you catch a glimpse of yourself looking like a ketchup/ mustard condiment table, you can only laugh at yourself. And we could all use a little positivity right now, Ammiright?


lilac purple orange dress blazer rent shrimps awake mode baum und pferdgarten

Rent 'em:  Baum and Pferdgarten: Lilac Check Midi Wrap Dress, from £39. Baum and Pferdgarten: Becks Orange Single Button Blazer, from £45. Shrimps: Peach embroidered back tie Midi Dress, from £30. Awake Mode: Tan Padded Small Tote Bag, from £29.

Tuesday: Business As Usual

When doing business, look business, even when working from home. Employing this style makes sure you stay energetic and mentally sharp whilst focussing on the work that needs to be done. It’s all about that mental state of mind. When the day is done and you feel accomplished knowing you finished (at least most of) that long to-do list of yours, take off the blazer, let your hair down and enjoy some you-time. And boy do you deserve it!

Rent Toteme blazer dress rotaro Baum und pferdgarten handbag staud hire


Rent 'em: Max Mara: Blue Satin Talete Dress, from £35. Baum and Pferdgarten: Creamy Navy Check Blazer, from £45. Staud: Tan Croc Embellished Tote Bag, from £25. Toteme: Blue Double Breasted Blazer, from £50.


Wednesday: Think Pink Thoughts Only

Little fun fact of the day: several studies have shown that the colour pink has a calming effect on us. It helps relax your muscles and is used in several prisons across the US to lower aggression levels amongst inmates (not that we are prisoners! rather responsible, collectively minded, pro-active citizens). In stressful times like these, we can all use a little relaxation. Wear some pink and see if it helps. Thank us later!

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Rent 'em: Materiel Tbilisi: Pink Faux Leather Buttoned Blazer, from £55. Baum and Pferdgarten: Pink Satin Mini Dress, from £39.  Prada Bags: Pink Nylon Mini Bag, from £35.


Thursday: Animal Planet

Scrolling through Instagram we keep seeing texts like: ‘I feel like nature has sent us all to our rooms for being a-holes’. And it makes us so happy. It makes us happy to know that the canals in Venice haven’t been this clear in decades. To see that pollution levels are lowering. That deer are roaming the streets in Japan, as are monkeys in Thailand. As we said, a little positivity during these times will take you far. Get into that nature zone, and dress the part.

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Rent 'em: Cult Gaia: Wood Tote Bag, from £15. Ganni: Leopard Print Georgette Mini Dress, from £35. Ganni: Printed Poplin Dress, from £30.


Friday: Everything Else < Comfort

It's a scientific fact that you can never be uncomfortable in a billowing prairie dress. Style with literally anything from a chunky boot to a slipper and make sure the dance party in your kitchen is full volume so you can maximise the full circumference of that dress swirl.

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Rent' em: Dream Sister Jane: White Full-Volume Wrap Dress, from £39. Cecilie Bahnsen: Ruffled-Neck Sateen Shirtdress, from £69. Shrimps: Blue & White Gingham Mesh Mini Dress, from £30. Dream Sister Jane: Prairie Oversize Floral Midi Dress, from £35.


Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn