5 Mood-Boosting Colours To Wear This Spring

Colours are scientifically proven to have a significant psychological impact on our mindset and energy, so we’re going to try dressing for the mood we want and deserve. Join us!

The joy of colour is that it is completely cyclical, and you’ll absolutely have something in your wardrobe from these palettes, no new purchases needed!

Colour-schemes for this spring and summer follow two clear routes: one that moves more towards the nature-inspired and organic hues that are in line with our ever-growing need for sustainable options. The other goes into a completely opposite direction and dips its toes into an artificial and neon universe of colour.

Be an on-trend scientist for the day, experiment with these colour palettes, and let us know how it goes/ how you feel! 


Beige & Brown Buffet

beige brown neutral mood colour rotaro psychology

Mood: Warm and Supportive

Good news for all neutral fans: the beige trend carries on. The only difference? We are warming up the beige story of 20-19. The flushed neutrals will be more saturated with a bronzed touch. Perfect to layer with similar shades or darker browns. And for those amongst us of that like a dash of colour, try it with a soft yellow or baby blue.


Pastel Power

Pastel yellow baby blue purple suit colour psychology rotaro rent

Mood: Serene and Wise

Our favourite colour palette this Spring is Pastel Power. The absolutely gorgeous beauty of pastels is that you can throw as little or as many pastel colours together, like a heavenly pastel pick n’ mix. Go for a full tonal look, or ground your pastels with beiges or neutrals.


Cantaloupes & Peaches

peach cantalope colour psychology ratora fashion rental

Mood: Innovative and Confidant

This might be the most versatile colour of the spring, as this feminine and chic hue is perfectly suited to wear through the day and the night. Whether you wear it as a summer dress, occasion gown, or in a suit, it will work. Also, it combines perfectly with other spring colours like flushed neutrals, and mellow yellow.


Synthetic Rainbow Brights

fashion rental dress hire bright neon

Mood: Passionate and Imaginative

It’s pretty much impossible that you missed the neon trend of 2019. Those neon bracelets immediately brought me back to the box I had full of them when I was five and it was all the rage to have both your arms full of ‘em. If that doesn’t show you that you should hold on to things after they go out of fashion, I don’t know what will. Anyway, this seasons' bright shades will still be all the rage, but in smaller volumes. From hot pink to lime green. Not sure how to wear it? Start with a beige base, and build up with neon accents and accessories, like this killer combo seen on the left with a brown blazer and an electric-green bag. Zing!


Very Mellow Yellow

yellow fashion rental dress hire

Mood: Optimistic and Creative

The past few years yellow has dominated the runways in full brightness. But this season it mellows down with some deeper hues and warm orange tints. Throw on a yellow dress and whip out the easel and paints!


Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn