5 Books that Will Help You Rethink Your Relationship With Fashion

As we’re reaching the end of yet another week of working from home, social distancing, and wading through the unknown, books are proving to be our dearest companions. In the past few weeks, we at Rotaro, have read more than ever before (just like we’ve worn our tracky bums more than ever, but that’s beside the point).

We're using this time at home as an opportunity to slow down and rethink our relationship with fashion, over-consumption and excess 'stuff'. Some are pretty heavy-hitting, but these are our top recommendations to set you off on your journey towards more mindful consumption.



How to Break up with Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the definition of a toxic relationship. Not only is it terrible for the environment, it also is for our brains and bank accounts. We all know that something needs to change, but how on earth do you go about doing that? Struggling to break up this overdue relationship? Journalist Lauren Bravo found a way to do it. And yes, if she can, so can you. In ‘How to Break up with Fast Fashion’ she tells you how. Honestly, there is no better time to read this book. As you’re not able show off your new purchases to anyone other your dog anyway, now is the best time to rethink those quick-fix purchases.

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Best-selling journalist Dana Thomas goes on a journey around the world to see the impact created by the colossal clothing industry, and the high tech, international movement fighting to change it. From 3-D printed clothes, fabric recycling and lab-grown materials and fabrics, it all gets covered in ‘Fashionopolis’. In need of some positivity during these dreary times? This is a winner.

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No Planet B

The list of concerns that our planet is facing right now is endless, but what are the most important actions that we need to take right now (other than staying the *f* at home)? What on earth can any of us really do to make things better? Mike Berners-Lee has created a course of action that is practical and enjoyable. You’ll find inspiring ideas for what you can actually do to help humanity thrive on our only planet. PSA: this is a hard-hitting read with some very real facts. 

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Look around your room and you’ll start to notice things that don’t necessarily need to be there. For instance, I’m currently hiding out at my parents’ house and next to me is a shelf filled with old CD’s. Remember? CD’s? The things you used to put in a radio player and listened to music with back in the golden days? Yes. Those. I wonder when the last time was that my family actually listened to any of these. And if they ever will again now that they’ve got a fully-equipped SONOS system downstairs. Trend forecaster James Wallman would probably have something to say about this, as his book reveals the world’s growing sense of stuffocation - and how we can move away from it.

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Why Fashion Matters

Frances Corner, in 101 provocative entries, writes about the contradictions in the fashion industry. How it values technology and craft, is a mass-market, but cares about sustainability, numbers and creative expression. Each entry offers a unique view into the world of fashion and the impact its having, both positive and negative, on the world around us.

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Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn