7 Loungewear Brands That Are Both Sustainable And Cool

The other day, whilst mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed filled with nostalgic photos of 'beforetimes', Insta-worthy quarantine meals, and screenshots of flight cancellations and sad-face emoji’s, I came across a photo that read 'If I see you wearing jeans during quarantine, I'm going to assume you are a psychopath’. I smiled at the exaggeration and sarcasm of the statement but also nodded in agreement.

Jeans to many are the epiphany of discomfort. And even though we all love a good pair that are butt hugging and leg elongating, they usually are the first thing we take off after a long day of work back in the good ole days (who else is starting to feel like a grandparent talking about times before we were even born), as we slide into a pair of pants with an elasticised waist. These days many of us don’t even bother with jeans. And the lines between pyjama and daywear are getting more blurred by the day.

Now, we’ve already discussed some not-so-boring WFH outfits with you, but also realise that not every single one of these styles screams comfort. And as it’s becoming clear that we are going to be stuck in this situation longer than expected, I understand your daily motivation to get up and get dressed is slowly going down the drain. So maybe it's time to invest in some good loungewear pieces. Luckily there are plenty of brands out there that are fulfilling our need for comfortable, yet sustainable styles. So we figured we would share our favourite loungewear brands with you today. Yes, of course, you’re most welcome.

 1. Pangaia

Pangaia is our ultimate favourite loungewear brand. They describe themselves as "A materials science company on a mission to design a better future together with you." And even better, with every purchase, they donate to #BeeTheChange charity. How to spot a Pangaia set? The graphic on each garment is what it is made of, so, "This hoodie is coloured with natural dyes made from plants, fruits and vegetables. The fabric is made from a recycled and organic cotton mix". Couldn't be more transparent, or cool. These pieces sell like hot-cakes so be sure to put your name down on their mailing list!


2. LaCausa

LaCausa is Spanish for ‘The Cause’ and hints towards the goal of creating all garments under ethical and eco-conscious conditions. A portion of their proceeds go to organisations and charities that they partner with to create awareness for environmental, human and civil rights. LaCausa is redefining basics with a contemporary bohemian twist. Looking for a Californian chic addition to your sustainable closet? This is the place to be.


3. Wone

Wone is a minimalist activewear label that was started by former Nike creative director Kristin Hildebrand. It's goal is to create the best performance athletic wear in the world. Her garments are created with high-quality fabrics that can withstand 50.000 washes. Speaking of long lasting investments…


4. Yolke

yolke loungewear sustainable

London based womenswear label Yolke makes classic garments that have a playful twist. All prints are created in their London studio making them all unique to the brand. It promises to use only the finest silks, softest cottons and eco-friendly options for all its collections. Ready to spice up your home office as well as your closet and then have them match? Make sure to check out their new home collection. Your zoom style was never this on point.


5. Underprotection

The Copenhagen based brand was founded in 2010. Its aim is to create fashionable yet sustainable sleepwear, bras and briefs for women. They only use sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, lyocell and organic cotton. Everything is created in collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures fair labor conditions for garment workers. And their packaging is recycled or biodegradable. Looking for that guilt-free shopping experience? Here it is handed to you on a silver platter.


6. Rita Row

Barcelona based brand Rita Row creates garments that are both elegant and comfortable, inspired by the image of a modern, hardworking yet free woman. All clothes are locally made in Spain thereby supporting the local community and economy. With the knowledge of the origins of their fabrics, they are able to ensure that the garments are made as ethically as possible.


7. Sporty & Rich

Sporty & Rich started out as a print magazine which covered design, love, and creativity. Using these same values, Emily Oberg started to create clothes and accessories. Today Sporty & Rich offers a collection that is in tune with everything streetwear and fashion. They are a proud member of 1 percent for the planet, and encourage customers to keep their S&R pieces forever, as they are classics that will only get better with time.


Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn