Gratitude Lists, Supporting Independent Businesses and WFH 'Fits With Daisy Murray

Meet Daisy Murray, Elle UK fashion writer, vintage seller and sustainability queen. Daisy is changing the narrative around fashion with her writing, playing an influential part in spreading the good circular-fashion word. She champions independent fashion brands, fashion rental, sustainable fashion practices and also has her own wonderfully curated Vintage store on Instagram, @takeyourtern.

We hung out with Daisy ~virtually~ and asked her about her favourite WFH looks, best reads, watches and how we can help out right now. Take a peek!

daisy murray

What is your WFH style?

My WFH outfits oscillate between PJs and dresses to go walking in - this is a vintage Jaeger wool dress with socks and Birkenstocks!


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What are you reading right now?
Raymond Carver's 'What we talk about when we talk about love', Kei Miller's 'Augustown' and Lisa Taddeo's 'Three Women'.

What are you watching?
Girls, Pose and Sing Street .

How can we help out right now?
I'm trying to solely buy from independent brands eg buying bread from my dad's bakery The Artisan Bakery who are donating food to Ealing Hospital.

How do you stay positive?
My positive thought is that you should try and avoid the news as much as possible (limit to once a day to get the info you need), get outside and try gratitude lists (it's cheesy but it works!) - I'm grateful to be able to WFH and no longer live in a group house!

What is your favourite activity to do at home?
My favourite home activities are cooking and clearing out my closet and selling on Instagram! (@takeyourtern)

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As a proponent for rental fashion, Daisy is also known to rock-a-Rotaro in the past (pre-rona) check out her looks below.


Rent Daisy's look: Dream Sister Jane dress, from £39. Medea bag, from £20. 

ghost dress rent hire green floral rotaro

Rent Daisy's look: Ghost Floral Silk Dress, from £30.


Thanks for hangin' out with us!

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