'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: Robyn Hope - Nicholl & Rachel Rockowitz

Robyn Hope-Nicholl and Rachel Rockowitz have big app energy. This dynamic duo has spent the last year incubating their innovative social sharing platform and it’s nearly ready to launch. Step will deliver real-time reviews, recommendations, and the coolest, undiscovered spots in the world to your fingertips in mid-April. They sat down with us to chat tech, tailoring, and sustainability.

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On Why They Created the App

Rachel: There’s nothing currently in the market that allows for the easy social sharing of peer-to-peer recommendations. How many times have we forgotten to find and share new amazing people, places, and experiences with one another?

Robyn: It’s for more than when we travel, it’s daily recommendations. It’s for foodies, fitness junkies, shopaholics and people looking for new vintage spots and cool new boutiques. I couldn’t sleep as soon as we thought of it. I just knew we needed to create it.

"I believe sustainability and profitability can run alongside one another. That’s the future." 
- Rachel Rockowitz

On Sustainability 

Rachel: We’re developing an element of our app for post-launch where we’ll award a “leaf” to verify sustainable businesses. Sustainability has always been part of our lives. 

: It’s been such a pain point in fashion. It’s amazing to see companies like Rotaro getting the support they need. We’re all realising we don’t need as much stuff as we thought
we did!

Rachel's Real List

The place you're visiting as soon as you can:
Los Angeles

Cocktail of choice:

Dinner party guest (living or dead):
Louis Theroux

Robyn's Real List

Book on your bedside:
“Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke

Fashion icon:
Maya Soul Paustain

The restaurant you're going to as soon as it re-opens:

Robyn & Rachel's Rotaro Picks 

Robyn's Pick 1:
Shrimps White Heart Rose Bag 

Why I chose this:
I wear a lot of sneakers and more masculine shapes so it’s nice to offset that with something floral and feminine.

Where I would wear it:
Out to a nice dinner during the week with casual jeans and a tee.
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Rachel's Pick 1:
Stand Studio Electric Blue Faux Shearling Coat

Why I chose this:
I am obsessed with statement jackets. You could be wearing t-shirt and jeans and chuck this on, and you have turned your outfit into something fab. I would wear this all winter, any day of the week, especially when it’s raining to brighten my day.

Where I would wear it:
Out to a nice dinner during the week with casual jeans and a tee.

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Robyn's Pick 2:
Jacquemus Marco Blue Draped Midi Dress

Why I chose this:
You can never go wrong with a backless Jacquemus dress

Where I would wear it:
Anywhere and everywhere. Morning to night on a sunny summer weekend.

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Rachel's Pick 2:
Zimmerman Blue and White Striped Maxi Dress

Why I chose this:

I love a maxi dress. You don’t have to think about anything when you get dressed and you still look great.

Where I would wear it:
Perfect for a summer’s day, lunch, work, dinner, or holiday. Anything goes.

Rent Here from £35