I don’t know about you, but when this rain eventually ends we’re planning on going all-out dress-code wise. Luckily, it turns out hot-girl-summer is top of the menu for S/S 21; make way for cut-outs, sexy spaghetti straps and sheer delights. Our resident Trend Forecaster, Anna Ross breaks down three key trends that are bringing sexy back.

Ok, so cut-outs have been around the block for a while but there’s something new about the S/S21 gang that’s giving this perennial detail a whole new hit of sensuality. We have emerging designer RUI to thank for the all-out laddered looks, which in turn have led to all-over cut out body stockings and ultra-sexy placements. For the most flattering finish we recommend experimenting with waist placements, backless silhouettes and diagonal shoulder slits a la Silvia Astore.

What the? Yes, you heard me right, ‘Midriff Flossing.’ It’s the technical term for the sexy stringy things you’ve seen all over Instagram. This risqué trend first surfaced in the 90’s and early 00’s, with celeb’s like Britney, Destiny’s Child and Paris Hilton styling their thong strings outside of their trousers. That’s hot. 2021’s variations are considerably more wearable, seen around the waist or the underbust, influenced by designers such as Jacquemus, Supriya Lele and Charlotte Knowles. Still a bit much? I feel you. Try out a more friendly version of the trend via skinny back straps and lace up side seams.

We have young designer Nensi Dojaka to thank for the revival of this sultry materials trend. Since her break out on the fashion scene, sheer was everywhere for Spring Summer, seen in lightweight wovens to fishnet style knits. To avoid a fine for indecent exposure while out and about, our advice is to layer up looks with your best bralette, corset (Elie Misner) or crop-top, or try a sheer panel like a sleeve or Or not - free the nipple! It’s your call.