'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: Melanie Tong

Mel is one of those women who wears bangs so effortlessly, you quietly consider getting bangs yourself. Then you remember you are not even close to as chic as Mel and should stick with a middle part. Mel’s calling is as curated as her haircut. Acting on Burberry’s Brand Experience team as their Digital Styling Editor, she knows fashion.
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On her style:
“I love modern tailoring with a playful twist, and my environment dictates my style. During the summer months, I’m much more playful and use more colours. In the winter I wear more black and white and lean into earthy shades.”

"I’m a huge fan of loose tailoring and unexpected volumes."

On Why She Loves What She Does:
“I’m lucky to work with colleagues who are friends. I go to work and am surrounded by people whom I love and adore. At Burberry, I’m also constantly surrounded by the people who are at the top of their game. I’m inspired by how they think and what they do. There’s never a dull day at Burberry!”

Mel's Real List

Undiscovered Neighbourhood Gem:
SkinMatters – the most incredible wellness clinic. With only a handful of treatment rooms, the space is very intimate and the team that work there are true miracle workers. I always leave feeling like the best version of myself.    

Song On Repeat:
Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae? – Marumo. Puts me in a really positive and chill headspace in the mornings before work.

Book on Your Bedside
The Last Kings of Shanghai - Jonathan Kaufman.

It tells the tale of displaced Jews from Baghdad who mastered Britain’s tools of empire in 20th century China.

Favourite Art Gallery:
Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Mayfair. They always have the most incredible home pieces, curated in such a beautiful way. The ‘apartment’ floor of the gallery is every interior designer’s dream.

Fashion Philosophy:
Comfort is key. Due to the nature of my work I’m always on my feet and running around so I need to be in clothes that I can move in and don’t feel too restricted. I’m a huge fan of loose tailoring and unexpected volumes.

Dinner Party Guest (living or dead):
Salvador Dali. I mean what an incredibly fascinating and curious character. Just to hear him talk about his work and what inspires him would be an absolute dream.

Cocktail of Choice:
Tom Collins, with plenty of ice – hold the cherry.

Mel's Rotaro Picks

Rotaro Pick 1: VienSo Amaro Skirt in Black and White.

Why I chose this: I’m a huge monochrome fan and this piece ticks all the boxes for me. Sexy yet classic with an edge. The crystal embellishment adds a bit of a subtle statement which I love.
Where I would wear it (the backdrop): 
Date night with my husband at our favourite local. Styled with a pair of pointed toe leather flats and a chunky knit and I’d be good to go!   


Amaro Skirt in Black and White

Rotaro Pick #2: Ghospell Belted Retro Crinkle Midi Dress 

Why I Chose This : I love how versatile and multi-functional this piece is. Looks like a fantastic piece to go travelling with (i.e. no steaming required after unpacking!).

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): I would personally treat this more like a jacket and wear it open over cut-off denim shorts and a silk camisole, paired with a great pair of sandals on chilly summer nights. I’m thinking late dinner by the harbour in Ponza in late August.


Belted Retro Crinkle Midi Dress

Rotaro Pick #3: The Vampires Wife Tassel Embellished Woven Bag 

Why I Chose This: I love accessorising any look with something a bit more playful and unexpected. I always choose gold over silver so this bag would be a perfect accompaniment to all my jewellery.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): To a fabulous outdoor summer wedding in Puglia. This bag can easily elevate a simple slip dress and carry a look from dinner to dance floor.


Tassel-Embellished Woven Bag

Mel Tong

Written by: Sam Ellis