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world Book Day, the celebration of all things literature! I feel like everyone and their miniature dachshund has absolutely lost their sh*t with books this year, don’t you? And can you blame them? I’ve even found myself gnawing through a couple a month, which is quite unlikely for a [recovering] Netflix addict like myself. But if there was ever a time to escape to distant lands or seek greater meaning to life through the comforting pages of a good book, then it’s right now.

There’s been a whole host of cult book launches over the last year - Dolly Alderton’s Ghosts, Florence Given’s Women Don’t Owe You Pretty and of course Bernardine Evaristo’s critically acclaimed Girl, Woman, Other - that you must have seen peppered over Instagram accounts. One of those in particular is The Good Book Club, who I personally attribute my new found love of reading to. Putting the deliciously satisfying aesthetics aside, the page is a waterhole of easy-to-digest and thought-provoking reviews that really instil that literary wanderlust in you. If like me, you’re a novice in the book world and find yourself a bit overwhelmed with so-called Bookstagram, The Good Book Club is a welcome and refreshing library full of wittiness, honesty and - as it says on the tin - just good books!

So in light of this, we went straight to the powerhouse behind this inspiring account to ask founder Bex what she’ll be reading and renting to celebrate this momentous day!

What is Bex Renting?

Written By: Jo Standley