'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: India Bailey 

When India Bailey, head of cycle for Core Collective, appears on Zoom you may blink twice to ensure you’ve gotten the time of morning right. How dare she look that good leading a virtual HIIT session at 6AM? I have yet to encounter a person as talented as India is at making burpees enjoyable. She never lets you down. In fact, no one is better at getting you up and moving towards your best self. She’s motivating, lovable, and authentic to, you guessed it, her core.
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On Body Positivity
“Try to own who you are in the moment and not allow other people’s thoughts to influence you. I never feel 100% all the time, but it’s about showing up for yourself.

I think when you come to class and give it everything you’ve got; you leave feeling empowered because the energy you create for yourself is the energy you get back.”

"Get 8 hours sleep, drink lots of water, show kindness, and take a fresh walk or run to get your daily dose of nature!"

On Her Style
“Clean, fresh, and minimal. I love simple pieces like a white t-shirt and great jeans with a statement jacket or a great shoe.”

India's Real List

First Restaurant You’ll Be Visiting When It Re-Opens
Luca, my local Pub "The Bird in Hand" and anywhere with a good martini, luca.restaurant

Song On Repeat:
Heartbreaker - Crazy P. It generally just puts me in a great mood and never gets old.

Podcast That Changed Your Morning
The Whoop Podcast or Dissect.

Lockdown Ritual You’re Taking With You Into “The New Normal"
Journaling has been a major takeaway from this time and it's always very telling when you take a look back after a year and reflect on all the things you've thought, but also all the growth that has been experienced.

Wellness Philosophy
Get 8 hours sleep, drink lots of water, show kindness, and take a fresh walk or run to get your daily dose of nature!

A Piece of Style Advice You Learned From Your Mother
The less money you have, the more you should spend on quality. Invest in simple outfits with great shoes, a coat, or watch and you'll always look sharp.

Cocktail of Choice
A Dry Gin Martini or a Margarita on the rocks, with a salted rim.

India's Rotaro Picks

Rotaro Pick 1: Yellow Chinois Mini Dress

Why I chose this: 
When it comes to my wardrobe, I’m someone who is a loyal follower to the colour black. I’m turning over a new leaf though coming out of lockdown, and this particular piece makes me really, really happy. I love the high neck, the white lace detailing and the sexy slit. It has just enough personality that you don't need much else besides a low slick pony.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): 
I would wear this to someone’s garden party, and if no one is having one, then I will put this on and be on a mission to find one mid-summer.


Yellow Chinois Mini Dress

Rotaro Pick #2: Shrimps White Pearl Small Tote Bag

Why I Chose This :
I know I said that you didn't need much else with the Reformation dress above, but perhaps this little bag wouldn't go amiss. I love how feminine it is and think it would complement the dress nicely - the finishing touch.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): 
Patio party hopping, now that I have this bag!
(Pictured: Jurema Terrace at The Mandrake)


Rotaro Pick #3: 
The Vampires Wife Tassel Embellished Woven Bag 

Why I Chose This:
This is just FIT. The colour blocking, and the shape is a major vibe. It's extremely unique and has a lot of personality.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): 
Somewhere important, a cultural event for sure. Probably an art exhibition at the white cube or Barbican or a friend’s new business opening.