Ok, so June the 21st didn’t turn out quite how we expected, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress ourselves happy instead. Enter: Dopamine dressing, the scientifically proven trend that’s giving us equal measures nostalgia and pure joy.  

The Trend:
Minimalism - be gone! And leave your chic strappy sandal at the door with you. This Summer is all about dressing in head to toe joy. Bold colours, sparkly surfaces, wild prints and novelty accessories are the look du jour. Why not shimmy-shimmy-ya in some sparkly Saks Potts or be an actual real-life-present in our Rotate bow dress? We’ve got a lot of socialising (safely, ofc) to make up for, so you may as well stand out, right? 

The Science:
It’s a scientific fact that our brain releases a hit of dopamine (the ‘happy’ chemical) when we get our mitts on something new. That’s why you’ve probably overdone it on a shopping spree in the past, you thrill seeker you. Add to that a sprinkle of colour therapy. Our brains associate certain colours with certain emotions: red - passion, yellow - sunshine, green - renewal. For many, these are intrinsically linked to childhood, and nostalgic thinking has been proven to lift our moods. Hence, the revival of 80’s, 90’s and noughties trends sweeping the internet. Fashion is on a quest to make us feel good again.

And we’ve all felt the inevitable comedown when we’ve overindulged - or watched with woe as that item ends up in the back of the closet for years. Enter Rotaro - all the highs without the long term commitment!

That’s why renting is so damn good for your soul. It’s called science, Brenda, look it up. 

So go ahead, you have scientific based evidence that renting with Rotaro is not only good for your wallet, but proven to lift spirits - so, what’s stopping you?!

Get Your Dopamine Hit with Rotaro