'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: Georgia Spray

Exceptional art for all is a compelling concept, and Georgia Spray is turning this dream into reality, one emerging artist at a time. She founded her online platform Partnership Editions in 2017 with the vision of breaking down the barriers traditionally associated with accessing art. Through creative collaborations, exhibitions, and events, Georgia is changing the way young London thinks, interacts, and immerses themselves in art. She’s making bold strokes, and we’re here for it. 
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On her relationship between art and fashion:

I think the best designers view clothing as a form of sculpture. In the same way that art is often an expression of a mood, feeling or identity, fashion plays the same role. It's how we express our personalities and tastes. 

"Our objective with Partnership Editions is to break down the elitism that is so often linked to the art-world, by making art more affordable and accessible to all. We want to bring people together via a shared love for all things aesthetic"

Georgia's Real List 

Next place on your travel list:
I'm dying to go to Casa Balandra in Mallorca. They have an artist residency there that lots of our artists have been on and it looks amazing. 

Style icon:
Peggy Guggenheim

Artist of the moment:
We're launching two new photographers on Partnership Editions this month, Lottie Hampson and Lily Bertand-Webb. Check them out.

Georgia's Rotaro Picks

Why I chose this:
I've always loved Jacquemus' clothes, but never been able to justify the pricetag to buy something - renting is such a great affordable option!

Where I would wear it (the backdrop):
I would have loved to wear this to my wedding at lunch the next day, but it would also be great to take on a holiday once we are allowed to travel again. I'm thinking dinner in Rome.

Rent Jacquemus Off the Shoulder Dress from £39

Why I chose this:
The sleeves and lines of this dress are amazing. 

Where I would wear it (the backdrop):
I think you'd have to be able to dance in this dress just to use the sleeves to maximum dramatic effect!.

Rent Yasmina Q Blue Olivia Dress from £29

Why I chose this:
I love everything Stine Goya and a check print, so this is a winning combo.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop):
I love that this is a super versatile number. You could dress it up and wear it out to dinner with friends or in the day with a t-shirt and sandals or boots.

Rent Stine Goya Checked Skirt from £19