How The Fashion World is Putting Community First During The Corona-Crisis

Hey there, have you heard? Rotaro is now not only your favourite fashion rental platform but also your new fave supplier of fresh fruit and veg. During these unprecedented times, we have shifted our focus to supply you with essentials and what you really want and need right now: fresh produce delivered straight to your door (we also have cookies, if that’s what you’re craving right now). We have put together three different boxes with a delicious selection of fresh produce for you to choose from. All products come from local farms that usually supply restaurants. To top it all off, we are giving 10% of our profits to the NHS and are also offering NHS workers 20% off their orders. Why you may ask? Why would we, as fashion rental platform, suddenly make such a big pivot towards helping out with food delivery?

Today there are more than 2.1 million cases of Covid-19 worldwide. So it feels only natural that governments around the world are starting to call out for help. Not only from individual citizens, begging them to stay home to try and flatten the curve, but also from companies and organisations. To be agile and to help those in need wherever possible. We have already seen many fashion and luxury companies that are reshaping their business priorities and stepping up to play their part in helping to combat the virus. From companies shifting production from creating clothes to manufacturing face masks or surgical gowns, donating money to those in need, or giving medical workers some extra attention. It is fascinating to see how companies are reacting and thinking of innovative ways of trying to live in this new reality and wonderful is to see how they are putting the needs of their community first. We want to be a useful and supportive friend to you, during this time and that's why we are putting your essential needs first.

To shine a little light on some positive news today, we have put together a list of companies that are playing a part in helping combat the virus and give some support to those that are fighting at the frontlines. Do you have any companies that you would like to put in the spotlight that we have not included in the list? Let us know through a message on Instagram. We will make sure to add them. Let’s celebrate those that putting their best foot forward and giving us hope in these dire times when a sense of community is so very important.


Armed Angels

Are now selling organic cotton face masks for 9 euros apiece, of which 2 euros will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontiéres.



The Australian brand has created 2 mask prototypes that are able to filter out at least 50% of virus particles. You can get a mask by purchasing something from A.BCH, or you can even make your own. You can download the pattern and instructions from their website.



The Italian fashion label is manufacturing 1.1 million surgical masks and a total of 55.000 medical overalls.


Ralph Lauren

Has donated 10 million dollars to coronavirus relief efforts. Next to that, they are using their resources to produce 250.000 facemasks and 25.000 medical gowns for healthcare workers.


FIT and State University New York

Launched a program called ‘Sew4Lives’, a network of students, alumni and faculty that are producing face masks for healthcare workers in New York.



Is making 10 million face masks to deliver to healthcare workers around the world.



Is donating 20 million to hospitals in and around Paris.



Has donated 200.000 euros to intensive care units at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. Additionally, they gave 1 million renminbi to the Chinese Red Cross.



Is donating 15 dollars to No Kid Hungry’s COVID-19 efforts forever 125 dollar order on their website.



Has partnered up with the city of Las Angeles to make surgical masks for care workers who are in need of them.



Donating 100.000 USD to food banks across the United States to help those that are affected by the virus.



Donated 500.000 dollars worth of shoes to care workers. Also, they have launched a new program called ‘Buy a Pair, Give a Pair’. Customers can buy a new pair of shoes and immediately also supply a pair to a healthcare worker.



Are manufacturing over 5 million face masks to give to the medical community.


Threads for Thought

Has partnered with its suppliers all over the world for the production of face mask. For every 50 dollar that is spent on their website, they donate 10 surgical masks to medical professionals across the U.S.



Are producing 100.000 face masks for the UK National Health Service. And will also suspend its production on trench coats to instead make gowns for patients in hospitals around the UK.



Is donating 30% of its online sales to medical staff in the Marche region, which is where the company has its headquarters.


Self Portrait

Is going to donate 10% of all its online sales for the next month to National Emergencies Trust.



Is donating 2.2 million dollars to the Chinese Red Cross and are using their perfume and cosmetics factories to be used for the production of hand sanitiser.


Whimsy + Row

The LA-based company is offering 20% discount for their online sales and will donate 5% of their proceeds to Feeding America. They also sell washable face masks that are made from upcycled cotton, and for each mask that is bought, they will donate one to the LA community.


John Lewis

Launched a 1 million community support fund to be distributed across the UK. The money will be distributed through Waitrose grocery stores for schemes such as local delivery services, and delivering food boxes to care homes.



Is giving customers weekly promotions on everyday basics that we all want to wear around the house. The sale started off with 50% discount on denim.



Is offering free refills of hand soap to customers who bring in their own containers


Chinatown Market

The New York-based brand is now creating useful social content and is using Instagram TV to teach their following how to customise sneakers or tie-dye.


Written by Danique Van Leeuwenstijn