Repurpose: How To Tie Dye Anything


Lockdown is easing, ever so gently, but that absolutely does not mean the arts & crafting stops! Currently, nothing in the house is safe from being tie-dyed, upcycled, repurposed or crafted except for maybe... the dog?

Many of us have spent this time reconsidering our relationship with material goods, and realising we don't need as much new "stuff" as we previously thought. Maybe that frequent shopping was emotional or just developed into a habit; popping into that shop after work, once or twice a week. Anyway, if you, like us, have discovered the joy of repurposing our existing clothes and making them into something way more jazzy, then read along for our quick guide on "How To Tie-Dye Anything". Recommended for ages 0-99.


What you need
  • Old piece of clothing
  • 50 gr dye (we used Dyson navy blue)
  • 500 ml warm water
  • 250 gr salt
  • Rubber bands
  • A glass jug/ plastic tub
  • Plastic bottle
  • Plastic bags
  • Gloves

tie dye DIY tshirt indigo

1. Pick out an old piece of clothing - we went with an old jumpsuit 
2. Dampen it with water 
3. Tie with rubber bands

Decide on the pattern that you want on your piece of clothing. We decided to go with horizontal lines, so we rolled up the jumpsuit that way and tied the rubber bands around it. You can also go for vertical, spiralled, heart-shaped or rainbow styles. It's completely up to you.

tie dye DIY rubber bands tshirt

4. Mix ingredients together

This step kind of depends on the dye you are using. The Dyson dye requires you to mix 50 gr of it with 500 ml of warm water and 250 gr of salt. But there are easier dyes that are good to use straight away. Make sure you read the instructions before you do anything. After mixing our ingredients together, we put them in a plastic bottle to make the application onto the jumpsuit easier. (PS. Don’t forget to put on gloves before doing anything with the dye, we learned this the hard way.)

5. Pour the dye

Put your piece of clothing in a plastic tub or glass jug. Carefully pour the dye on top of it. If you are using several different colours make sure to use some sort of pattern so they work together nicely and it doesn't all end up mixing together. Now leave to set for at least an hour.

tie dye DIY how to tshirt home craft

6. The fun part

Take the piece of clothing out of your plastic tray and wash it in the sink. Keep rinsing it until no more colour comes out of the water. Then cut the rubber bands and observe your masterpiece.

home tie dye diy tshirt how to

7. Leave to dry

8. Try on your piece of art

Et voila. Your own little DIY project - please share your final pieces with us. We love seeing you all repurposing and re-loving your clothes!

danique van leeuwenstijn


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Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn