#WeRotaro: Why I Rent

 A love-letter to us from one of our delightful Rotaro family members.

Chloe Gilbert rented a dress from us over the festive period and loved it so much she penned us a virtual letter.

Of course there is the obvious upside; not having to deal with the exorbitant cost and general inconvenience of DRYCLEANING but yesterday I realised something about renting your dresses that really stands out.

Rotaro restocked this week and scrolling through the new merch, in amongst all my familiar pals, I got the exact same feeling I get when I buy something new and pretty, and I realised this is the true joy of rental; I don’t need to personally own loads of different dresses anymore to achieve that retail therapy glow.

All the dresses on Rotaro belong to me, when I want them, when I need them, and they belong to you too, when you want them, when you need them. When Rotaro restocks, your wardrobe expands, and you don’t have to pick just one dress to take home, you can line them up and take them all for a spin in turn. If you run the maths I bet it would probably cost you less than if you bought a handful of them, and wore each one, what, twice? Three times? How soon do you get tired of things after you’ve bought them? As soon as they hit the back of the cupboard after that first joyous wearing? Same here.

Rent reformation spotty silk dressMy work Christmas party was looming, which is a helluva thing, formal and full-on, but not the special occasion that warrants a new purchase (its just your colleagues, not the Queen). I drooled at a couple of dresses online, including a delicious silk polka dot number by Reformation (their targeted marking is really on point). But as much as the dress fit the occasion, the price tag did not, so ’twas with a sigh that I resigned myself to the fact that I’d be recycling an ok outfit from a wedding last June.

And that’s where the delight of rental (and Rotaro’s artful curation) stepped in. You guessed it, Rotaro's restock added one delicious silk polka dot number by Reformation to my virtual wardrobe, and for just £45 my colleagues were treated to one sleekly spotted dancefloor dweller at last year’s Christmas Party, hallelujah!


black and white spotted reformation dress rent

Reformation Spotted Silk Midi Dress