Did you know one of the biggest sources of marine pollution is microfibres? It’s thought that with every clothes wash 700,000 teeny tiny plastic fibres are released into the ocean, amounting to about 500,000 tonnes per year (which is equal to 50 billion plastic bottles). Don’t you think that is absolutely wild?! 

So what can we do to protect our big blue? We’ve jotted down four simple steps that will help you reduce your microfibre contribution

1. Rethink Your Washing Habits 

Spot cleaning, hand washing or airing clothes out in a steamy bathroom will drastically reduce your contribution, but if that makes you slightly nervous then opt for a refreshing fabric spray to achieve that just-washed feel. The Lab Co is the place to look.

Image Credit: The Lab Co

2. Go Fishing for Some Fibres

If you are using a machine then use a Guppy bag. By minimising fabric friction, less fibres are released and those that do break away are caught!

Cora Ball is also similar but you just pop it in with your washing and - inspired by coral - it picks up all the tiny fibres in the water. How fab is that?

Image Credit: Guppy Friend

3. Break Up with Your Iron

Ironing damages fabric fibres, making them brittle and more likely to break away when washed.

Head to Steamery to find an array of pastel-hued steamers that work as good as they look.

Image Credit: Steamery 

4. Buy Less, Rent More

When you rent with Rotaro, you’re naturally washing less because you’re essentially borrowing clothes and handing them back! Then when we clean our garments we dry clean them using an Ozone treatment that’s completely chemical free and doesn’t release those pesky fibres.

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