'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: Kasia Chinery 

From Kasia’s iconic icy blonde locks, to her colourful, cult-status wardrobe, she’s got a style and a smile that are impossible to miss. She cut her teeth in the modelling industry before making an impressive pandemic power move - pivoting her swoon worthy floral shop, Gloria Studio, to a delivery service whose fresh ‘weekly bunches’ brightened her London customers’ lockdown days. For Kasia, 2021 is officially in full bloom.

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On Her Entrepreneurial Chapter:

“When you’re working with flowers, you can’t wear your best clothes. You need to be a bit more practical. So my style now is a mix between grunge and cool girl.”

""I can look at a blank canvas and know what to do with it. Flowers are creative in that way."

On Why She Loves What She Does 

I’ve followed florists like Saipua out of New York for years and have been so inspired by their work. I knew that I was creative, not in a design sense, but in the sense that I know what goes together. 

Kasia's Real List

Fashion Icon:
I always have one eye on Alexa Chung, what she puts together is so effortless but still really cool. But equally I love following relatively unknown women and how they dress.  

Style Philosophy:
Keep it practical and cool. Do I really want to be wearing this outfit all day long?

Best advice you've received over the past year:
Don't waste any time, we aren’t here for long

Kasia's Rotaro Picks 

Pick 1:
Vampire's Wife Floral Print Midi Dress

Why I chose this:
I absolutely adore the Vampire's Wife, the shapes are so feminine and flattering. You feel dressed up without trying too hard and I don't feel too “on show.”

Where I would wear it:
I would wear this to a summer wedding or party. 
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Pick 2:
Yasmina Q Chloe Dress 

Why I chose this:
I love the silhouette of this dress and how classic and modern it looks. 

Where I would wear it:
I would wear it with chunky sandals on holiday.

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Pick 3:
Stine Goya Alisha Orange Midi Dress

Why I chose this:
The check print on this Stine Goya dress is so cool and doesn't feel too OTT. I also love the sleeves on this dress. 

Where I would wear it:
​I would wear this to a dinner (finally!)

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