Meet Jakke Founder: Nina Hopkins

Introducing our exclusive partnership with homegrown British outerwear label, Jakke. Focusing on playful prints and planet-friendly faux fur, these these pieces will bring you a little extra joy this winter.

We spoke to Jakke founder, Nina Hopkins about her inspiration for luxury but affordable outerwear and rejecting seasonal trends.

jakke coat jacket faux fur

How and why did it all get started with Jakke? 

When I launched Jakke, the catwalks were showing real fur but I felt there was also a need for fashionable faux fur that was affordable. I wanted to create a brand that would bridge the price gap whilst still using the best quality faux fur and without compromising on style.
I was Born and raised in Bow, East London by my Nigerian mother and Welsh father. My formative years were shaped by both my father’s love of conceptual art and mother’s passion for sewing and vintage markets. For as long as I can remember I always had an interest in clothes and fashion so it was my dream to study at the London college of Fashion. After working in the Industry, it was whilst designing outerwear for high street fashion multiples that I saw a gap in the market for luxury but affordable faux fur jackets and coats.

Can you explain the meaning behind your brand name? 

I love and have been inspired by Scandinavian design for a long time.  As we initially launched as an outerwear brand, I thought the name jakke was quite apt because it is the Danish word for jacket.  It's actually pronounced ja-kie (as in the girls name) so it's a bit of a play on words.

What is the Jakke Design approach?

The jakke approach to design has always rejected the concept of seasonal fashion trends. We make pieces that easily slot into your wardrobe regardless of the season.  This challenges the throwaway mentality that fast fashion brands rely on and encourages longer use.  From AW21 jakke will be producing smaller capsule collections and refreshing our signature shapes with a focus on timeless luxury pieces made from long-lasting, ethical fabrics that can be worn year after year.

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jakke brown faux fur coat

Rent from £19 (Retails at £170)

jakke faux fur coat

Rent from £19 (Retails at £170)

jakke faux fur blue coat

Rent from £19 (Retails at £170)


jakke faux fur animal print coat

Rent from £19 (Retails at £170)

jakke faux fur coat

Rent from £19 (Retails at £170)