Our Favourite Sustainable Online Marketplaces


So, let’s be honest. How much online shopping have you been doing over the past few months? I’m guessing significantly more than ever before, based on my own track record. From ordering heaps and heaps of books to a new calendar (pretty useless right now, but still felt necessary), a laptop stand, moisturiser and night cream to jazz up my clean skincare routine, a notebook, board games etc. The list is endless.

What I found difficult about buying all of this online, is that I wasn’t making the same ethical choices that I was making before. I am pretty good at finding sustainable alternatives to everyday things. But since quarantine started, I have pretty much only been using Amazon (come on, next day delivery with Prime? It’s been a big plus). But even though Amazon continues to be in the back of my mind, I wanted to go back to the sustainable and ethical choices I was making before. So I did some research, and I’ve been amazed by everything that is out there. From online marketplaces selling clean skincare, secondhand books, ethical home-wear, and sustainable fashion items. You know what beats Amazon Prime next day delivery? Shopping whilst knowing your purchases are having no negative effect on your beautiful surroundings. Ha! New quarantine motto, thank you very much.


Made Trade 

Made Trade is one of our favourites because of their amazingly diverse selection. From kitchen appliances, candle holders, baskets, pillows, clothing and accessories, you’ll be able to find it here. It’s very user-friendly and everything is ethical, and vegan where possible. It’s also got a variety of different price points, so there’s a little something for everyone. You can truly get lost in their selection of amazing products.


Petit Vour

Looking to give your skincare routine a sustainable boost? Then Petit Vour is your place to be. It is an authentic brand that is making cruelty-free shopping effortless. Browse through a wide range of beauty and lifestyle products and brands. Not sure where to start? Take a look at their beauty boxes. For 25 dollars a month, four clean beauty products will be sent to your home for you to try (yes, even if you live in the UK). Looking to mix up your skincare routine to include fewer toxins? This is where you want to be.


Rêve en Vert 

Rêve en Vert is a platform for sustainable living. They only work together with brands that have the planet at the heart of their mission. Going to their website is an invitation to engage in the creation of a better world. Shop everything from activewear, jewellery, comfy knitwear, and lingerie. And even if you’re not getting married anytime soon, they even have a bridal collection that you do not want to miss out on. If only for future reference ;-)


Better World Books 

Better World Books is a certified B Corporation that offers access to used books at an affordable price. This is a winner during these times where reading has become second nature to many of us.


Package Free Shop

The Package Free Shop only collaborates with brands that have eco-friendly missions. Again, their amazingly diverse selection of products shocked us. From vegan food wraps and toothbrush holders to organic hand cleanser and cream deodorant. For their packaging, they use paper, and up-cycled boxes, which are all 100 per cent recyclable and compostable. You literally cannot go wrong here.


Written By: Danique Van Leeuwenstijn