Ozone: How We Keep Our Garments Perfectly Clean (& Green)

Renting a garment with us is more hygienic than buying from a regular store.

Sounds like a bold claim? It is, but in a world where hygiene is king, it is important for us to let you know how we achieve this. Picture this, you go to a store, pick something up, feel the fabric between your fingers, put it back down and repeat. How many people have done this before you? And what have they left lingering on the garment? We want you to feel as confident as possible that you're getting a minty fresh rental every time, that has been minimally handled and maximally cleaned, in the most eco-friendly way possible. We answer your burning questions below.


How do you make sure all items are cleaned properly after they have been rented by someone?

We use a system called 'Ozone'. The ins and outs of how it works are a bit tedious, but the general gist is that O3 is pumped into an airtight chamber that contains the garments. O3 is an unstable atom that wants to break free from the O2. That one extra atom does two things: 1) it kills bacteria and 2) it removes any odours. Ozone removes 99.8% of all germs and viruses.

The germs in this process are measured in CFU's, or colony-forming units. The more CFU's there are per centimetre squared of fabric the dirtier the garment is. For food preparation services you are allowed to have between 0-100 CFU's per centimetre squared. Our garments, after they have been cleaned, only have 0-2 CFU's per cm squared. Now, those are some numbers we would put our bets on.


Do I need to clean a rental before I send it back to you?

No, you absolutely do not. We want to make the rental process as easy for you as possible. Our incredible laundering and repairs team handle all of the cleaning and pressing of the garments, making them look, feel and smell as good as new. They can only do that if they're 'first at the scene' of any spillages or damage. So don't sweat the tedious cleaning process. That's what we're here for.


Is this way of cleaning safe for the environment?

Ozone is an eco-friendly apparel sanitising system that requires minimal energy and zero waste. And an added bonus, it is so gentle on the clothing that it expands the garments lifetime immensely.


Words by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn