'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring: Imogen Kwok

Within moments of meeting Imogen Kwok, she strikes me as uncommonly cool. Her style is essential, effortless. Her confidence is subtle, which gives her personality a magnetic quality. Her innate talent is transforming food into art. The results? Dynamic and delicious. An accomplished food designer, chef, writer, photographer, and multi-sensory artist, Imogen wields creativity like a knife.

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On Her Art:
“Food is relatable to everyone. Even if you don’t particularly love to cook or eat, it’s something you need to do, so I try to attach meaning to it. I’m trying to elevate it from a basic necessity to an art form and practice.”

On her style:
“I don’t wear things that are too trendy, I want to wear what works with my body. In my late-twenties, I finally understand what looks good for my body shape and I’ve stopped caring about what everyone else is wearing.”

Imogen's Real List

Undiscovered Neighbourhood Gem:
7 Saints is an intimate restaurant in my neighbourhood, on the corner of All Saints Road. Very high ceilings, glowing bar, 7saints.co.uk

Song On Repeat:
Charcoal Baby by Blood Orange.

Podcast that changed your morning:
“In Other Words” hosted by Charlotte Burns

Discussions about art and culture with today's makers, curators, collectors and advisors. Hosted by Charlotte Burns, senior editor for Art Agency, Partners.

Art Gallery on your mind:
Jennifer Packer’s show, ‘The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing’ at Serpentine Galleries.

This exhibition, the artist’s first in a European institution, includes paintings and drawings from the past decade alongside recent work.

More Info here.

Book on your bedside:
“There are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness” by Carlo Rovelli

Last meal:
A raucous Korean BBQ dinner

Cocktail of choice:
I prefer classic cocktails, nothing too fussy or with crazy garnishes—my favourite is a negroni.

Imogen's Rotaro Picks

Rotaro Pick 1: Bisset Leather and PVC Bucket Bag, STAUD.

Why I chose this: I am very into the PVC and vinyl wet look (I have three pairs of PVC trousers in different styles now) as well as handbags with a geometric structured form— so this bag is the perfect combination of both.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop):
A gallery show opening or any other standing reception type of evening. If you have a cool bag you want it to be properly noticed— there is no point in bringing this to a dark movie theatre or dinner where you just end up hanging it on your chair.


Bisset Leather and PVC Bucket Bag

Rotaro Pick #2: Floral Tie-Back Mini Dress, Cecilie Bahnsen

Why I chose this: I am in love with the voluminous, whimsical silhouettes of Cecilie Bahnsen’s clothing; the skirt and sleeves seem to flow around you in such a dreamy way.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): Easter lunch in the countryside. The dress is super girly especially with the floral pattern so I would wear this with a pair of sneakers or laced black boots to balance out the look.


Floral Tie-Back Mini Dress

Rotaro Pick #3: Black Silk Pearl Mandarin Mini Dress, Alexa Chung

Why I chose this: I’m half Chinese and have a couple traditional cheongsams— I love this modernised version in the versatile black.

Where I would wear it (the backdrop): This would be a super sexy party dress, or also something I would wear when hosting a dinner at my place in the summer where we can lounge about on the balcony for pre-drinks.


Black Silk Pearl Mandarin Mini Dress