Meet The RIXO Founders, Orlagh & Henrietta

A e’re so thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with RIXO, everyone's favourite British brand. We have been such fans of the brand for years and are honoured to bring our communities RIXO Rental for the very first time! Together, we have curated the perfect party edit to kick us off for festive season, from sequins to iconic and timeless party prints.

We caught up with power-duo and founders, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, to discover the inspiration behind RIXO, why they chose Rotaro as their rental partner, and how the future lies in sustainability. 

How did you meet?

Henrietta: We met whilst at University at the London College of Fashion. I’d been eyeing up Orlagh’s bag and finally asked her where it was from, it was vintage of course! We were both studying fashion management and started working together on various different projects, our friendship just grew from there really.

Orlagh: We lived together after that and started RIXO from our student house in West London. We had to keep asking our landlord to remove furniture from the house so we had enough space for all the stock!

What inspired you to start RIXO?

Orlagh: We saw a gap in the market for vintage inspired womenswear. feminine shapes made with high quality materials and took a risk and went for it! We’re both so passionate about vintage clothes and this really runs true in all of our collections.

Henrietta: We wanted to create clothes that any woman could wear and feel great in!

How do your roles differ at RIXO?

Henrietta: I lead up the marketing side of the business - I still post every post on the RIXO Instagram. I lead the creative direction and styling off photoshoots, events, any marketing activity we participate in. The strategy of RIXO comes directly from Orlagh & I and we’re lucky that we still have 100% control of the direction we want to head in.

Orlagh: I lead the design department; I’m obsessed about fit and also hand paint the RIXO prints. Additionally Henrietta & I work closely on the direction of the brand so RIXO truly os a reflection of what we both believe in.

What do you love most about RIXO?

Henrietta: It’s a true reflection of both Orlagh and I. We get to create beautiful clothes we truly believe will make our #humansofrixo feel the best versions of themselves.Dressing a woman can be so powerful, and getting positive feedback from our happy customers means the world. We’re very passionate about being female leaders and role models to our growing team, whilst staying true to what we believe in as the brand evolves.

What is a challenge of starting your own business?

Orlagh & Henrietta: Growing as a team and trying to juggle the unknown. It’s not an easy process and there needs to be a lot of dedication and hard work put in behind the scenes, often years before your end customer reaps the rewards. For example, increasing our size range has taken years of grading developed in house before we can release results to the customer – it can be frustrating at times.

Why did you decide to enter into the circular fashion industry with Rotaro?

 Orlagh & Henrietta: Our RIXO community had been asking us for rentals for a while, partnering with Rotaro feels like the right way to be introducing it. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time and working alongside the wonderful Rotaro team has been so much fun. We’ve picked a really great party edit to see everyone through the season!

What’s next for RIXO?

Orlagh: We’re really focusing on sustainability across all areas of the business, obviously within our supply chain and materials but also in our head office. We can always learn more, but it’s a big focus right now.