Romance with Rotaro: How To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home

If there was one year to celebrate EVERY SINGLE holiday possible, it is 2021 (well probably last year too but in the spirit of romance let’s not bring up the past, am I right).  

With the day of St. Valentine around the corner, Rotaro HQ is fully feeling the love so we thought we’d help you plan the perfect night to celebrate love (or life) with your closest. 

The Outfit

There are three type of people on Valentine's day as far as we know. The Valentine, with a capital "V", who will seize this opportunity to celebrate being in love. The Galentine, who will celebrate her very best pals. And finally, the "I-don't-support-made-up-consumerist-holidays-but-I-am-celebrating-anything-at-this-stage" reveller. Luckily, no matter which camp you sit in, we have put together our favourite celebratory looks for you to rent.

The Valentine

alexa chung minidress

Rent: Alexa Chung dress from £25/ 4 days

reformation red silk dress rent hire

Rent: Reformation dress from £35/4 days


The Galentine

vienso red white suit valentines day outfit rent hire

Rent: VienSo suit from £19


The Celebrating Anything

rotate birger christensen dress rent hire orange carmina

Rent: Rotate Birger Christensen dress from £39/ 4 days

The Setting

Surprise your fellow revellers by transforming your table so beautifully that you can pretend for a hot second you are not, in fact, still inside your home. The folks at Tablescape.London can help you with that. They are a bespoke tablescape rental company that will transform your home into the most romantic restaurant in town.


Rent a Tablescape here

The Food

If you thought it couldn’t get better than deliveroo, well you might need to sit down for this one. The digital-catering gods have now brought us, a delivery service that can bring London’s top restaurants to your door. Including, but certainly not limited to, Ottolenghi, 10 Greek Street and Pidgin.

bancone pasta valentines day food

Bancone Pasta available on

Well, what’s left to say other’re welcome.


Written by: Joanna Standley