Rotate Birger Christensen Founders on Feel Good Fashion And Renting With Rotaro

Alongside influencers Thora Valdimars and Jeanette Friis Madsen, the label was founded under mother brand and 150-year-old Copenhagen-based boutique Birger Christensen – largely credited with disseminating a revolutionary style of Scandi dressing worldwide, from the Hollywood elite through to royalty. In 2019, only a year after its launch at Copenhagen Fashion Week, it was named Brand to Watch by Forbes Magazine and then again, the year after by Lyst. 

Rent the Look

Unsurprisingly, its confident and effortlessly joyful approach to fashion has gained a loyal following of industry insiders, from editors to stylists and everyone in between. Think sequins, fringing and of course, the iconic power shoulder that it’s become so famed for. The 80s are a recurring source of inspiration for the label, but not in a dress-up kind of way – its M.O. is reinventing retro codes through a contemporary lens. 

We spoke to the founders about their inspiration for the SS21 collection and their favourite pieces from the collection.

1. What inspired you to co-found Rotate?

J&T: We were both working as fashion editors at the time, and we were always going to events and fashion weeks and, most importantly, going out for dinners and afterparties. We felt there was someone missing from our own wardrobes that no one was really making – bold, fun, sexy styles that you could wear for all your social occasions but which wouldn’t break the bank. Launching ROTATE was an idea that came so natural to us because we really felt it was missing from the market.

2. What was the inspiration behind the SS21 collection?

J&T: Nature. And organic shapes. We conceived SS21 largely during the first lockdown and we found such calmness and serenity in nature. We wanted lighter and softer fabrics, light-as-air satin and flowy dresses mixed with all-new denim for a tactile, everyday approach to the ROTATE brand.

Rent the Look

Rent the Look

3. What are each of your favourite pieces from the SS21 collection (that we stock on Rotaro)

Jeanette: the Ellie midi dress in yellow or orange – I can’t choose between the two! It’s such a classic shape that I’ll always love, it references the 40s and 50s but in a timeless way and gives you a beautiful silhouette – it’s tight in the waist and flowy and drapey everywhere else.
Thora: The Phoebe mini dress in white. I love minis with maximum impact, and I love the daring hemline and voluminous sleeves are so ROTATE. It’s a statement piece, but so easy to wear,.

4. Who is the Rotate woman?

J&T: Any woman who is bold and confident, and loves to dress up for herself – and for her man.

4. Why renting ROTATE on Rotaro is a good idea/ or why you think rental has a place in the future of fashion (extend the lifespan of garments/ reduce waste/ reach new customers etc.)

J&T: Rental is such an important step for fashion. Our whole idea with Rotate was always the idea of being to able to afford having amazing party-ready outfits on rotation for all those special occasions. Rental is such a natural extension of this. We really believe in renting the pieces you know you’ll only wear once, and buying the pieces you’ll treasure forever.