It’s wedding season! And for many brides, (myself included - August 28th - I realise no one asked!), there’s still a lot of trepidation in the air about restrictions, numbers and whether or not we’ll have to wear a mask walking down the aisle (chic!). 

So, for an event where anything could change - it makes perfect sense that an increasing amount of brides, bridesmaids and guests are looking to rent looks that make an impact without the long-term commitment, sustainability burden and hefty price tag. Enter, Rotaro!

The Bride

Trust me when I tell you that renting from Rotaro for my ‘postponement party’ was one of the best investments I could have made in myself. Nothing lifted my spirits more than donning this beautiful Cecilie Bahnsen number and taking it out for a twirl on a rooftop. To end up in Vogue was a Brucy-bonus, ofc. As with many brides, after having pushed my date back three times, I plan to make a whole thing of my actual wedding weekend. Many brides are donning a handful of looks for a fraction of the price to wear over the course of the day or days. Here’s my edit of your ‘something borrowed’:

For the Minimal Bride

For the High Fashion Bride

The Bridesmaids

Rental is the perfect solution for any last-minute changes. With Rotaro, you can choose up to three looks per order, which are delivered the next day (sometimes before if you’re London based), - plus, you only pay for what fits. Increasingly, we’re seeing a trend towards brides asking their bridesmaids to choose their own dress based on a colour or theme (pastels are always a winner!), so their personality can shine through. The best bit? You can sleep easy knowing that the dress won’t gather dust in their wardrobe for years to come.

The Guest

City Lunch

Escape to the Country

Evening Guest

Real Rotaro Brides

Written by Anna Ross