Studio Sessions: Lotta Blobs' Shantelle Hylsop

There is nothing that inspires hope quite like a Covid success story right? Cue Shantelle Hyslop, founder of Lotta Blobs, who used her furlough to create this delightful mirror brand. Using comforting curves and delectable pastel hues, bringing joy to the mirror-holders home is what Lotta Blobs specialises in. We interviewed Shantelle to discover what inspires her and how she turned her creativity into a successful business.

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1. What inspired Lotta Blobs? How did you get started?
Lotta Blobs was inspired by an urge to be more creative whilst on furlough back in the summer of 2020. I was always looking for ways to keep myself occupied and found myself working on a few creative projects at the time. My next creative venture was to attempt figurine sculpture so I ordered some clay but I didn't end up touching it for weeks. Then one morning I woke up and had this idea to make a clay frame for an old mirror I had Iaying around and that's how the blobs were born!
2. Do you have a background in design?
I have been studying creative subjects since leaving school and took a degree in Fashion Promotion and Imaging which lead me into specialising in Visual Communication. I've always loved exploring all areas of art and design and I like to think that's why I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to it!
3. What has been the most exciting thing about starting your own business/ any stand-out moments?
The most exciting part of starting my business is just seeing all the love my blobs have given people. I get so many lovely comments and messages it's really touching! I'd say a stand out moment is having other creatives and brands who I have been inspired by for so long take interest in my creation and even want to buy from me!
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4. What has been the most challenging?
The most challenging is definitely balancing Lotta Blobs and my full-time job. It's tough not to overwork yourself which I find myself doing a lot as I'm such a perfectionist. I have to constantly tell myself to chill out!
5. Who inspires you?
I'd definitely say all the creatives and small business owners I follow on Instagram. I love that they are so relatable and it's really great to see what they produce and how they develop over time.
6. What is next for Lotta Blobs?
Definitely more blobs! I'm hoping to expand my sizes, colours and homewares. I've also have some fun collabs lined up that I'm super excited to release!

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