Studio Sessions: Sandra Alexandra

You know that feeling when you look at an object and it fills you with absolute joy? Sandra Alexandra Studio jewellery is exactly that. Groceries, peas in pods, chillis and lemons. Name your vegetable and Sandra has probably made it in a miniature glass form, ready to adorn your ravenous earlobe. When you meet Sandra and step into her home, you immediately realise her joyful produce is an extension of her effervescent self.

In the spirit of up cycling, we teamed up with Sandra Alexandra to rework a vintage pair of Levi's jeans. Sandra painted her iconic pea-in-a-pod motif, and we're going to do a giveaway to our community with the jeans (and she has thrown in a pair of pea earrings for good measure).

We also chatted to Sandra about her inspiration, how she stays calm and grounded, becoming a mother and the beauty of collaboration.


Sandra Alexandra studio rotaro upcycling earrings

Sandra in her studio

How did you get into jewellery?

I have been in the industry for 6 years now, I started doing wholesale and business development for costume jewellery and fine jewellery brands. I have always made jewellery for myself, when I was 14 I would make necklaces and bracelets for my mother, my grandma, and my friends. I started making pieces for my friends on the side and that’s how Sandra Alexandra started in 2019 while I was still working in business development.

What was the first piece?

Very simple baroque pearl earrings with dyed pearls. I wanted classic pearls with. A touch of fun. That same month I went to Japan for my honeymoon, and I know they have lots of cultured pearls available and I stumbled into a place that sold glass chillis and octopuses and that’s when I started making the little glass chilli earrings.

What are you inspired by?

I get inspired by every day life, nature, groceries, what we eat breathe and see. Vegetables are natures artwork, groceries have beautiful shapes and colours.

Who inspires you?

Georgia O’Keefe, and when I first started posting on Instagram I used her work as the background for my jewellery. I love her exhibitions. But so many people I am inspired by, not necessarily jewellery designers, but artists too.

What grounds you or keeps you centred?

Drawing, colouring in, my first thought of what to do during the lockdown was a colouring competition with my community. When you approached me to do this up cycling project I jumped at it immediately I couldn’t think of anything better.

Has being a mother influenced your design process?

I think the other way around, she already has a plethora of grocery shaped toys- she is going to be internally inspired (haha).

She inspires me when I am stressed, and reminds me how to keep positive and remain calm and focus on the bright side of life.

You have an incredibly beautiful home, what are your recommendations on where people can buy homeware?

Felix (my husband) and I love collecting. The decoration in this house is a reflection of bits we have bought throughout the world, together before we were married and now. Paintings, jars, rugs, jars, and anything with colour. Every room is filled with pieces from our travels individually and together as a couple. I also have a lot of second hand furniture. I love Kempton market and Portobello market.


Sandra's up-cycled pea-tin lamp.


Talking of up cycling, do you up cycle in your own life?

I up cycle furniture and clothing- I love sewing jeans and shirts and changing them into vests. I have these huge vintage food cans, that I have turned into lamps, as well as cans for pencil holders and toothbrushes.

What is next for Sandra Alexandra?

New projects and collaborations. Sandra Alexandra started as a jewellery brand, that’s my love and passion but we have collaborations with different artists, including a chef, interiors designer and a clay miniaturist.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram to win these up cycled Sandra Alexandra X Rotaro Levis jeans and a pair of her delicious pea earrings!