Studio Sessions: Stine Goya

Ahead of launching Stine Goya's SS21 collection on Rotaro, our co-founder Georgie Hyatt spoke to Danish Designer Stine Goya about her eternal optimism, romance with colour and inner confidence. 

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Where do you draw your inspiration? And for this latest collection?

The inspiration for the collection is coming from the new romantic of the early 90's, the grunge movement of the 80's and the roaring 20's. All these periods of time were leading for this hunger, this rebellion, they were celebrating creativity, individuality and staying true to who you are no matter where you come from. We were very inspired by the underground, music scene, Berlin but the film is really about the three women we have cast. We planned the whole film to be done in Denmark and our team and director had to go to South Africa for another project, they were stuck and we had to take this adventure with a smile and rethink the whole thing. It was a great challenge for us because we found these women in South Africa and telling amazing stories about their lives which means a lot for us as a brand. With technology we were able to do this without being there ourselves. We wanted to find joy, focus on freedom and bring positive energy to our audience.

Who is The Stine Goya person?

I wouldn't say we have a specific person in mind. I think we design to a broadly, everyone, young, old, everyone! It's important to me that everyone can wear us. It has always been like this. You want people to feel exactly like themselves when they wear us, just a better version.

stine goya ss21 rotaro rent hire interview
What I love about your designs is that they are evergreen, I’m wearing one of your dresses from a previous collection and it feels as fresh as ever. How do you address seasonality/ trends?

For me, I've never really work with trends. I've always worked around inspiration, something that has been catching my eye for awhile. I try to tell stories with my collections more than anythings else. Trends are great but I'm not drawn to them. I want to do something in the universe of us. I find inspiration from anything from a phrase in a magazine, an exhibition, something I see in the street and create a story around that. We are not a trend led brand. 

You feature a lot of dancing in your films. Are you a dancer? What is the inspiration behind that? 

I love to dance but I'm not a dancer at all. I just love the art of dance and a fantastic way to express stories and you can tell so many things with your body. I love to work with other areas of the arts and I am so inspired by dance. I've worked with some great choreographers that bring something amazing to our brands.

As you know we are a rental platform, and are so thrilled to have you on board and a part of the circular fashion economy. What are your thoughts on fashion rental and how does it work for your brand?

Thank you so much for having us on your platform. We are really excited about this. We think it brings something to the whole circular industry of fashion. It's a great way to democratise fashion. You don't have to spend all your money on one piece. I'm really excited about it and we want to start our own rental platform as well because i think it will be a big part of the fashion industry. 

Can you tell us a bit about the 'Goya Gallery'? 

The 'Goya Gallery' is a shop where we sell old pieces of Goya, like one-off styles. It's a way to bring the sustainable approach to our brand. We've have great success with it. Some people are looking for this one piece that they didn't get years ago. We've kept an archive of everything. We think it's really beautiful that people have this interest in our old collections. 

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What does sustainability mean to you? 

This is something we started working on a couple of years ago. We just went for it! We wanted to start something years ago but felt it was so difficult for us. We felt it had to be sustainable and on trend which is not possible and it still isn't so we needed to figure out what can you do that is sustainable without losing your brand DNA. We went for doing a showpiece collection which was totally exaggerated with so much 'Goya' to it to see how much we could do. This was a great experience for us to see what is possible. Since then we work with fabrication and how much you can do. Within the last two year it has really developed. This is an amazing thing for us to experience such a short time. We have accelerated our goals to be more responsible. The collection we showed today was 64% sustainable fabrics. We have increased 50% since our last collection. This is a high priority for the brand and we work across all departments. 

How has Covid affected the way you design/ think about Stina Goya?
Where is the first place you will go after lockdown and what will you wear?
What is next for Stine Goya?

Sometimes when you go through a crisis like this, you go through phases of fear or it can be dark but it can also turn into something positive and where you get quite focused. When I started in 2007 the financial crisis happened the year after. It was a tough way to start a brand but with the trends that went dark, blue, beige, I felt like I had to do something that was more optimistic. We worked around our bold colours, our playful prints. Within the last year, we felt the same way, we wanted to turn it around and make it more positive. We wanted to empower freedom and individuality. 

That really comes through in your film now that you say that  because it's much moodier than your SS '21 so you can sense there is a change of atmosphere but at the end of the day you can see that journey in the film.

We still have those bright colours and I think for us the colour of that season is really the orange because we think that colour is dynamic and playful. It's nice to pick those colours in each collection and this one is about the orange. 

Colour is a big part of Stine Goya and that is what you are known for. Do you have any colours that you are really drawn to or does it vary from season to season?

I think I love bold colours but I like these subtle colours that have almost a "dirty" look to them brought together with something bright. Pink has always been a colour that has followed me. I try to always work with a scheme of colours that has pastels then you have one bright colour like the green. I like to sit with colours for a long time so I can understand the balance of them. When I was studying at Central Saint Martins I remember that everyone was doing all of these primary colours together on their prints. I thought I have the break it up or make it subtle or a bit more fluid, dirty with a bit of punch in between. 

Where is the first place you are going to go post-lockdown and what are you going to wear? 

I'm dreaming about all these places everyday. I'm following all these accounts on instagram. I would love to go to Italy just to get that different atmosphere the smells, the food, I love Italy. 

Is there a specific place in Italy you want to go? 

I love Puglia in the South. We've been there a lot. We go to these masserias where it is a family run farm house where they grow their own vegetables and you sit at long tables with people and I think ugh I'm just dreaming of this. 

Well that's it for us. Thank you so much Stine. I appreciate you joining us today and congratulations on your latest collection and I'm so excited to launch your designs. 

Thank you so much! We're so excited. 

View Drop 1 of Stine Goya on Rotaro here 

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