6 Podcasts On Conscious Consumption To Tune Into This Summer


Now that we are living this new, slow summer lifestyle it is not only time to stock up on books, but also on podcasts. Have you gone on a walk whilst listening to a podcast? It’s like meditation, but better. They say that sound has a direct link to your soul and subconscious. We’ve already recommended insightful books to read if you want to rethink your relationship with fast fashion and responsible consumption so it’s time for us to do the same with podcasts. Buckle up, here they come.


Conscious Chatter

Krestel Jenkins, promoter of sustainable fashion and founder of AWEAR World, has worked for companies such as People Tree and Ecouterre. With her immense knowledge of the ethical fashion industry, she has started her podcast Conscious Chatter where she covers fashion, style and sustainability through interviews with industry experts. She dives into all aspects of the industry from brands, makers and concepts and highlights the impact of what we wear and how we can make big changes to our habits without compromising style or value.


The Wardrobe Crisis

Sustainability Editor at Large at Marie Claire and writer of must-read book Wardrobe Crisis, Clare Press has taken her book a step further with her amazing podcast. According to her ‘this show unzips the real issues that face the industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity’. She does this by interviewing guests from a range of different disciplines, from sourcers, buyers and even politicians. She also celebrates the people that are having a positive impact on the future of fashion.


Fashion Revolution

Fashion journalist and editor Tamsin Blanchard presents this podcast, which is created in collaboration with Fashion Revolution. The great thing about this podcast is that the episodes are short, so they’re perfect to listen to on a short walk during your lunch break. It focusses on brands, people, designers, politicians and activists that are shaping the fashion industry.


Fash-on Fash-off

Every Thursday, direct from London, this podcasts tries to answer the big question: ‘how did we get here?’ It is hosted by i-D’s arts and culture editor Matthew Whitehouse and is filled with all the latest trends, fashion, style and ideas from i-D.


So Hot Right Now

Nature and the climate are in crisis. To survive we must use our most powerful tool - communication. Telling these stories can be difficult and dangerous. But done right they can change the world. Join environmental journalist Lucy Siegle and wildlife BBC filmmaker Tom Mustill as they learn how to communicate better, from those who do it best. Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson, singer and activist Ellie Goulding, UN climate negotiator Christiana Figueres, Native American Veteran and Organizer Krystal Two-Bulls, and other master communicators all share their hard-earned insights. Informal, personal and passionate, these conversations will give you the tools to play your part, whether you’re phoning your dad, or addressing the United Nations.


Sustainably Influenced

An honest guide to navigating living a more sustainable life. Charlotte Williams and Bianca Foley host this podcast and feature guests like ourselves (yay!). Listen here to hear our co-founder, Georgie Hyatt, speaking to this power duo about how "variety is the spice of life", and trying to realistically achieve a more conscious lifestyle.


Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn

Image: Jacquemus Instagram