The Most Sustainable Brands On Rotaro

Rotaro exists to change the makeup of our wardrobes and the fabric of the industry they come from. We care about our planet. About the world around us. And we want to reflect that in every way possible. That is why we would like to take some time today to highlight the most sustainable brands that are featured on Rotaro. Each and every one of these brands are contributing to creating a better world and making the fashion industry a better place. We are proud to champion them and to enable you wonderful people to rent these pieces that are just as good for your wardrobe as for Mother Earth.


House of Sunny

House of Sunny uses innovative design to create everyday womenswear with sustainability at the forefront. The label only produces two collections a year to set the design process at a slower pace. On top of that, they use e-flow technology to reduce water waste whilst making their denim, use vegan leather to improve animal welfare and do everything possible to minimise fabric waste. At House of Sunny, you will find classic styles with a modern twist, like orange cinema dress and vegan leather and fur coat that are available to rent on Rotaro.

house of sunny 

Rent 'em: Wavy Navy & White Dress, £15/4 daysOrange Belted Faux Leather Dress, £15/4 daysWhite Logo Handbag, £15/ 4 daysMint Belted Vegan Leather Jacket, £15/ 4 days.



'Cras is fashion that just happens to also be sustainable - as it should be' - can we have an amen? Welcome in the world of Christiane Hagger and Anne Charlotte Lembye whose beautiful items are all made using certified sustainable fabrics. The packaging is also made from recycled materials only. Watch them change the fashion sphere and setting the bar high whilst doing so. They want their customers to have full clarity on where the clothes come from and hence inform them on all parts of the business. Their vision? 'Together all our joint small changes will make a big change for the world of tomorrow.' Now, if that isn't enough reason to rent Cras on Rotaro than the long sleeve floral mini and padded dress in orange will do it.

 cras copenhagen

Rent 'em. Cras, Long Sleeve Puff Shoulder Floral Mini Dress, £12/ 4 days.  Cras, Quilted Orange Knee-length Dress, £15.



Reformation has been 100% carbon neutral since 2015.  Each quarter, the release a Sustainability Report aligned to the UN Development Goals to document their progress.  This year, they've reduced their water footprint by 72%, waste by 48% and CO2  by 43%. These practices are why they have been awarded four stars on Good on You. The signature feminine style is available to rent on Rotaro. From happy floral minis to green silk midi's and gold velvet wrap dresses, we've got it all.

 reformation silk dress

Rent 'em: Navy Midi dress £25/4 daysFloral Print Vivianne Mini Dress, £35/ 4 days. Emerald Green Silk Gathered Midi Dress, £32/ 4 days. Ruffle Edge Mini Dress, £25/ 4 days.


Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo makes a real effort to go against the fast fashion current. Instead, she focuses on producing contemporary clothes that will stand the test of time. The Central Saint Martins graduate from Korea creates everything from puff-sleeved dresses to tailored coats using sustainably certified materials where possible and refusing to use animal products like fur, leather and feathers. She mentions that sustainability is an ongoing journey for her and that she is committed to showing that through every decision she makes as a business.


rejina pyo dress

Rent 'em: Asymmetric Yellow Patch Check Midi Dress, £29/ 4 days. Blue Celia Midi Dress, £35/ 4 days. Yellow Crinkle Effect Belted Coat, £39/ 4 days.



Shrimps is an independent brand founded by London-based designer Hannah Weiland in 2013. She takes inspiration from modern art and playful patterns and textures. She started as a faux fur outerwear brand, bringing cruelty-free fashion to the luxury sphere. Since then the brand has grown to create feminine dresses in romantic hues as well as whimsical and quirky accessories like bags. As a small brand, sustainability is a work in progress, but Weiland has started to incorporate many different recyclable fabrics and packaging into the design process. Additionally, for every order that is made, they plant one tree, and you get to decide where you want to plant it.

shrimps bag dress 

Rent 'em: Yellow Polka-Dot Wrap Dress, £35/ 4 days. Blue beaded clutch bag, £20/ 4 days. Faux Fur Leopard Round Tote, £12/ 4 days. Pink sheer midi dress, £25/ 4 days.



Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn