Happy Global Recycling Day! We show you how to make scrunchies from an old shirt Did you know the world sends over 2 billion tonnes of waste to landfill and other ‘dumping’ grounds per year? Recycling is at the forefront of protecting our planet for the future and Global Recycling Day is a celebration of waste being a resource not something disposable. So in an ode to this amazing day, we’ve decided to show you how to up-cycle an old shirt (or your boyfriends..lol he hasn’t noticed yet) into a scrunchie!

What you’ll need…

Tape measure
Sewing needle
Thread (ideally the same colour as your fabric)
Safety pin
8/9” of elastic
22” x 4” of fabric 

Step 1

You can use any part of the shirt but the sleeve is really good for minimising fabric waste. Cut out 22” x 4” of fabric - if you’re using the sleeve, remember it’s already doubled up, so measure out 2 inches then open out.

Step 2

With your fabric folded in half, pin down the centre and sew 1cm in from the raw edge all the way from top to bottom. No worries if you haven’t got a sewing machine, sewing by hand is just as easy! Next trim the excess off the side so it’s not clumpy when we turn it inside out. To do this, attach a safety pin to one of the edges and then feed it through the rest of the tube.

Step 3

Cut out 8 to 9 inches of elastic then repeat the safety pin trick to feed the elastic through the tube of fabric - be sure to hold the other end so you don’t lose it! Pin both ends of the elastic and secure by sewing a few stitches by hand until sturdy.

Step 4

Now this is the fiddly bit! Feed about 1cm of one end of the fabric tube into the other end, then turn the external edges in on themselves so you get a nice clean seam. Use a needle and thread to sew along that line, being careful not to go through the whole scrunchie and just picking up the side you’re working on. Go around the whole of the seam and then finish with a couple of knots. Give the fabric a little zhuzh and voila, you’re done!!

Written by Jo Standley