'People Doing Cool Things' is a fortnightly series where we spotlight the people who inspire us, the way they move through the world, and what they'd wear while doing it. Featuring:  Fiona Jane 

Fiona Jane is a master of the multi-hyphenate; founder of Moonlight Creative, DJ, music curator, and former fashion writer, she’s a little soul, and a lot of rock and roll. She lists both Jimmy Hendrix and Jane Birkin as fashion icons, which suits her perfectly. If you spotted her spinning tracks in her signature 70’s style at one of her live music events, you’d mistake her for their love child. With big plans to take her show on the road to Lisbon in 2021, Fiona is someone to watch (and listen to.)
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On The Relationship Between Fashion and Music

There’s a huge relationship between fashion and music. My career started in fashion. I was modelling and putting on concepts and creating events, so I had one foot in club culture and one foot in the fashion world. There's a major crossover between how you mix and curate music, and how you create a concept for a brand. I think they always go together.

"Sustainability is important. Go to a vintage market or rent from Rotaro. You don’t need new, new, new."

On Her Style and Sustainability 

I dress how I feel. It’s very simple, but a little 70s boho and rock and roll. I love finding vintage clothing and mixing it with modern Scandi brands. Because I’ve been in the fashion world for such a long time, I don’t believe in the “throw out culture.”

Fiona's Real List

Fashion Icon:
Jimmy Hendrix and Jane Birkin

Find key looks that you really love and stick with them. Wear them over and over again. Build a consistent style in which you feel the most “you” and add a few things here and there. I’ve realised that I don’t need new clothes all the time! Renting is better.

Only Record on a Deserted Island:
Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again 12" (Side A, 1978)

Fiona's Rotaro Picks 

Pick 1:
Silvia Astore Olive Green Kiera Dress 

Why I chose this:
I love the design detail of the cut-out waist and I’ve never worn a piece by Silvia Astore before. In my opinion, there’s something quite special about this piece and I love that it has long sleeves. 

Where I would wear it:
I would wear this dress at a bohemian, low key wedding in Portugal. It’s sexy, casual, and chic - not trying too hard! 
Rent Here from £35

Pick 2:
Vampire's Wife Tassel-Embellished Woven Bag 

Why I chose this:
This is a super cool, unique bag which would look great paired with the green dress. 

Where I would wear it:
That boho-chic wedding in Portugal. 

Rent Here from £25

Pick 3:
Reformation Wrap Dress

Why I chose this:
I love a good velvet dress and this colour is great! 

Where I would wear it:
I would wear this everyday in my new life in Lisbon.

Rent Here from £25