Which Type Of #SupermarketStyle Are You?

There are three types of people you see in the supermarkets right now. The 'let's get this over with’ who is literally grabbing whatever they need as quickly as possible and is out. Often you will find they are wearing a mask and taking the 2-meter distance rule very seriously by doubling it to at least four meters and sighing loudly-on-purpose when you get too close. The ‘Sporty Spice’ who is still wearing her work out clothes from the virtual yoga class she took this morning. And of course, don't forget the ‘this is my time to shine’. She doesn’t really need an explanation, does she? I am the definition of ‘Sporty Spice’ and am loving my Kim K inspired street style meets sporty look. Whichever one of these categories you fit into, there are serval ways to perfect your #SupermarketStyle that you wear walking from your apartment to the grocery store. We have put together some looks that will help you get it right. Now, sashay away.


The ‘Let's Get It Over With'

You don't think the lockdown is too bad. I mean, you get to wake up late, finally have time to finish your 30-days of meditation, work out every day, and have all the time in the world to cook the healthy meals you’ve been saving on your Pinterest board for months. When you do groceries, you want it to be quick, because you don’t want to waste any of that precious time. And you definitely do not want to get infected. You tend to wear comfortable clothes all day, but also want to look cute. So that oversized dress is a must in your wardrobe. When you leave the house, all you put on is some boots (because: warm), and a bucket hat (cute and practical).

ganni cecilie bahnsen dress rental hire boots

Credits: Cecilie Bahnsen: Floral Prairie Tie-Back Mini dress, Rent from £79, Ganni: Washed Denim Hat, £105, Ganni: Western Knee High Boots, £550, Rixo; Margaery – Medallion Earrings, £105.


The ‘Sporty Spice’

You are as fed up of this lockdown as Joe Exotic was with Carole Baskin. You understand this joke because of course, you’ve already seen every episode of the Tiger King. Twice. Just like you've just finished Ozarks and Don’t F*ck with Cats. You've read twenty-two self-help books to try to stay positive. And all it did was make you feel worse. Going to do groceries is a nightmare, but working out is a saving grace. It’s the only time during the day that you can think of something other than how to get through the next few weeks. So your daily attire consists of leggings, sportsbra’s and comfortable jackets and shoes. Ran out of fruit for your morning smoothy? Mixing some sporty spice with something nice is the only way to go.

jacquemus bag rent hire

Credit: Totême Studio: Cork Leggings Black, £135,  Jacquemus: Le Ceinture Bello Orange Belt Bag, Rent from £39. Jacquemus: V-neck blazer jacket with long sleeves, £645. New Balance: 990v5 Grey Trainer, £180.


The ‘My time to shine'

You miss being spotted out in public with your always-on-point wardrobe. You miss your Hinge-dates (yes, even the cringeworthy ones), and are currently living your social life on Instagram, Houseparty, Zoom, and by your daily walks to the grocery store. It literally is your only time to shine. So you put in all the effort you possibly can. A beautiful statement blouse, slip dress, sandals and of course, some over-the-top jewellery is part of your #SupermarketStyle. You go show ‘em what you've got.

max mara zimmerman dress hire rental

Credits: Reformation: Menage Sandal, £215, Zimmerman: Wavelength Embroidered Bodice, £1400. Max Mara: Blue Satin Talete Dress, Rent from £35, Stine Goya: Illianna Necklace - Candy, £46,25.


Cover Image Credit: Lou Escobar

Written by: Danique van Leeuwenstijn