First of all, howdy! Thanks for finding your way to us. Here are some quick A’s to all your frequently asked Q’s. If you can’t find what you need, hit us up via the chat on the bottom right.

How Do I Rent?
How soon can I get my outfit?
How long can I rent for?
How do I return my Rotaro garment?
Can I try things on, I'm worried about sizing?
What if both items don't fit?
How do I know the items will arrive in time?
What sizes do you stock?
My rental period starts/ends on a Sunday or Bank Holiday, How do i post it back to you/recieve it?
Can I rent more than one piece at a time?
What if I damage my rental item?
Do I need to clean the items before i send them back?
What if I lose my rental?
Can I cancel a rental?
What happens if I return an item late?
Why are you using plastic bags to deliver the items?
How can I contact you?
I live outside the United Kingdom, Can I still rent from you?
How are the clothes cleaned?
Can I buy gift cards for Rotaro?
Can I keep an item longer?
I've fallen in love with an item i've rented, can I buy it from you?