Rotaro was founded in mid 2019 by co-founders Georgie (Trend Forecaster) and Charlie (Entrepreneur), with the goal of finding a mindful and responsible way of experimenting with trends and fashion.

Rotaro exists to change the makeup of our wardrobes and the fabric of the industry they come from (pun most certainly intended) by encouraging their community to rent great, cult fashion for the price of a high-street dress.

“Having worked so closely with fast-fashion in my trend forecasting days and seeing the rate of consumption speed up year after year, I felt there had to be a better way. We believe that you don’t have to own your wardrobe to be known for your wardrobe. We want to offer an alternative to one-off, throwaway fashion and a way to experiment with trends (and get that ’newness’ fix), without having to purchase and create waste”
says Georgie.

With the pleasure of experimentation and brand discovery at its core, Rotaro’s platform is a one-stop-shop for both the fashion fanatic and the style curious. Explore this curated digital wardrobe boasting over 200 statement pieces, delivered straight to your door in as soon as same-day and yours for the next 4 to 12 days.

Tapping into a carbon-neutral network to deliver garments and using only the greenest of laundering and repair techniques, when you rent Rotaro, you are giving the planet a helping hand by saving water, reducing CO2 emissions and looking great doing it.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to making an impact, but leaving no trace.