Rotaro Reforestation Initiative

We have proudly partnered with Ecologi, a leading social enterprise, to plant trees and offset carbon. For each rental, we will be planting  a tree (2 trees for gift cards) and planting a thicket for each new brand we partner with. Everyday, we are taking more and more steps to being a completely carbon positive company and thanks to our partnership with Ecologi and the work they are doing, we now also have a fully carbon positive workforce.

Photo: Ecologi and Eden Project

Photo: Ecologi and Eden Project

Our Operations

The cleaning methods we use are state of the art. We use Ozone cleaning  method which not only has minimal environmental effect but keeps the garments 100% bacteria and virus free

We have partnered with DPD to ensure that the package travels Carbon Neutral from door to door and back to us again

Rotaro's packaging has been carefully chosen to be as sustainable as possible whilst also retaining a feeling of luxury. Our boxes are made from recycled material and are 100% recycled when they are returned. For bulkier items, we use reusable fabric bags